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Ladies, Watch Out

May 16, 2012

Dear Aaron,

When I first found out I was pregnant, I had visions of little girl clothes.  I mean, tutus, butt ruffles, pink, sparkle.  I love that stuff!  Then as soon as I found out you were a boy, all of that disappeared from my mind and I couldn’t wait to meet my little man.  A boy!  So exciting!  I soon got really excited about dressing a boy too, even though I refrain from putting you in tutus (I don’t judge.  If you make that choice in a few years, I support you).

The best part about dressing a boy is that you get to dress him like a little man.  You can’t really dress a little girl like a woman.  You could, but it would be a bit creepy.  You get to wear awesome things like cords with a button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up.  Or a thermal long sleeve shirt with cargo shorts.  Plaid shorts and a pastel polo shirt.  Seriously.  It’s awesome.  You look like a little version of your dad.  It’s ridiculous.

So when we decided to take you to a wedding this past weekend, daddy and I decided to go all out.  We dug out the tuxedo your cousin Alex wore to our wedding, ironed it and got ready to party.  Sure, you weren’t in the best mood that night (and now you are under the weather), but it was worth it to see you in a tux with tails and shiny, patent leather shoes.

Daddy dressed you while I waited patiently.  It sure was a process-button down tuxedo shirt, pants, bowtie, cummerbund, jacket, shiny shoes.  So, so worth it though.

Picture 037
Of course books were way more important.

Picture 038 
As was sliding down the stairs in your tuxedo, since heaven forbid you don’t do something by yourself.

Picture 045 
You weren’t exactly happy most of the night, but you did have fun.  You loved the attention from everyone (honestly dude, you were wearing a cummerbund.  The cuteness was out of this world), busted a move on the dance floor and got to eat both mine and daddy’s rolls since we weren’t going to. 

photo (8)
photo (9)
There’s a reason everyone says they want to eat you up.  You are so delicious little man.  I know in a few years I’m in a lot of trouble if you already look this good in a tux (not to mention your constant flirting).  Ladies, watch out!



Cows are Scary

May 7, 2012

Dear Aaron,

You are usually pretty fearless.  You likes to climb and jump off things, have little stranger anxiety, love big dogs and are a somewhat adventurous eater.  That’s why I am totally shocked that a seemingly innocent stuffed animal could bring you to hysterics.

Maybe this isn’t funny to others, but I want to share this story, mostly so I remember it.  Because really, I think it’s hilarious. 

One of the gifts we received before you were born was a stuffed cow that sings and moos.  I think the only song it sings is “Old McDonald.”  Daddy thought it was kind of creepy.  I thought it was adorable.  Then, we completely forgot about it for quite some time, and it just sat in your room.  Then when we set up your playroom we put a small basket of stuffed animals upstairs for you to play with. 

You’ve played with the cow a few times, but never really paid it much attention.  For some reason, it was never turned on, so for you it was just a plain old stuffed cow.  I even forgot it made noise.  Well, the other afternoon we were upstairs.  I was sitting, rubbing a doggy belly while you played, happy as can be.  You dug your hand into the bin of stuffed animals, I heard some noises, then the next thing I knew you were screaming “Mama, Mama, MAMA” and clinging to me for dear life. 

So I calmed you down, took you over to the bin to see what got you so upset, and pulled out the cow.  That’s when you began to freak out again.  So I threw the cow down the stairs, and we played happily for about 45 minutes forgetting the whole thing.  Soon it was time for a nap, so we went downstairs and you stopped mid descent and began to flip out again.  The cow was at the bottom of the stairs!  I carried you to his room, read some stories, calmed you down and let you nap.

We got busy and didn’t go up into the playroom for a few days, and again, I had forgotten all about the cow at the bottom of the stairs.  We had a playdate with Annabelle, and she went flying up the stairs, while you took one look at the cow, began to cry and ran towards your room.  I quickly threw the cow into the guest room and shut the door and calmed you down.  Then I made jokes about you being Scarlett O’Hara (she was afraid of cows) and called Daddy laughing.  Yes, I know it’s mean to laugh at you, but really!  My little Mr. Tough Guy has no fear, but a little soft stuffed animal can bring you to your knees.  Who knew?

photo (5)
It’s not that scary, is it?

I guess the cow is going to charity.  Cow has sung his last song in our house!




April 13, 2012

Dear Aaron,

Not only is it your favorite word, but it’s the way everyone describes you.  Such a happy boy!  You are always smiling, greeting your public and generally in a good mood.  So it’s no wonder that of all of the emotions in your book, your favorite is happy!

Please excuse my stupid voices.  Right now you seem to enjoy them!