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Food, Inc.

July 16, 2009


Wow.  Just wow.  The other night I took myself on a little date to see Food, Inc. and I am so glad I did.  For the past few months I have been wavering back and forth about being a vegetarian.  I had officially dubbed myself a flexitarian, as I was eating a little bit of meat once in a while.  I never really saw vegetarian as a moral or ethical choice, but it was kind of something I fell into.  Leftover meat was absolutely disgusting me for some reason all of a sudden, and the texture of meat and poultry suddenly grossed me out.  I found I was just eating less meat than before, and once I made that realization, I chose to just cut it out completely.  However, some dishes have been hard for me to resist, and I occasionally had a burger, or a lamb chop or whatever else it is I wanted. 

I think it is fair to say that after seeing this movie, I am done with meat.  I spent about 25% of the movie with my hands over my eyes, cowering in my seat.  Seeing the horrible way the animals and the humans are treated in this industry was so eye opening.  It was something I always had an inkling of, but never really appreciated until now.  What got me the most was a scene where a man had his hands inside a cow’s stomach, while it was still alive and awake.  The look in the cow’s eyes just broke my heart.  Something about it reminded me of the look my dog gives me when he wants some love.  I just can’t reconcile that sad face with the piece of steak on my face.  I love my dog, other dogs, and animals just too much to justify eating one now, and I really don’t feel so comfortable supporting this industry.  I would have been interested to see more about kosher meat, since we do keep a kosher home.  It is supposedly a more humane way of killing the animals, but that says nothing about how the animals are treated before slaughter.  I don’t know if that would change my mind in any way, but I would still like to know.  While I think grass fed meat is a much better option (just my opinion), I really don’t think it’s for me.  Will I miss a nice lamb chop, a juicy steak, my dad’s apply and brie turkey burgers?  Sure, but the tradeoff is worth it.  By abstaining from meat, I’m doing a little bit to help, and that’s a decision I feel good about.  However, I will continue to eat fish, at least for now.  Fish creep me out, as animals, and I certainly don’t see them as cute and cuddly. 

Another thing I took from this movie is how useless and corrupt our government are.  This is something I have always known, and I think a big part of my decision to not practice law, and hopefully use my law degree for some sort of general good or change.  I’ll stop myself  before I go off on a tangent about my general disdain for our government, but I will say that I am appalled at how little they are doing when it comes to food growth, production and distribution.  In 1972 the FDA conducted over 50,000 food safety inspections, and in 2006 only 9,164.  So many FDA and USDA staff are people who lobby for the meat industry, or work personally with the meat industry.  There is no consistency, and the government seems to just contradict themselves with their actions and inactions.  Hypocrites. 

I could probably continue for a while on this, but I just wanted to get those few things off of my chest.  The small farmers need to be supported 100%.  I have become much more aware of buying locally, and have become an even more dilligent label reader.  I can’t believe how few companies are really controlling this industry.  Of the over 47,000 products on the grocery store shelves, there are only a few companies represented.  The farmers are abused, taken advantage of, and bullied into working the way they do, causing them to fall even further into debt.  The government is more concerned with cracking down on illegal workers than cracking down on their dangerous working conditions and poor treatment.  And don’t even get me started on Monsanto.  What a disgusting, corrupt company.

This is really just my stream of conscience, and maybe doesn’t make a lot of sense.  To sum up my feelings after seeing this movie in one word would be FRUSTRATED.  I just feel like my eyes have been open, and what I am seeing isn’t so pretty.

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