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July 30, 2009

Some people get stressed and eat a ton.  Sometimes I do that.  But right now I am stressed, and either eating totally normally or fully forgetting to eat.  And I feel like crap!  Whenever I am packing or unpacking, my schedule always gets out of wiggity-whack, which is to be expected, and my eating is bizarre.  A few years ago, when I was moving into my apartment when I started law school (which I moved out of a few months later b/c my roommate and I clashed big time) my mom and I moved stuff in, unpacked, put together furniture and at 9:30 realized we hadn’t eaten since noon.  We ended up at the Four Seasons for their AMAZING dessert buffet.  Not exactly dinner material, but delish nonetheless.  We also drank 150 year old Grand Marnier (seriously amazing, and seriously worth the price).  I got tipsy, ate a ton of sugar, and felt OK the next morning.  Could I do that now?  Hell to the no!

It’s just so hard to remember to eat when you are packing your life away, and going non stop.  Also, when all of your dishes are packed, eating just isn’t as appealing on a paper plate.  The problem is, I feel nasty.  Like I am so exhausted in the mornings, I can’t get up to workout and do any cardio.  I have been able to get some weight lifting in at home between packing, and am doing abs, but I never realized how much I really need that cardio.  It’s for my mind, just as much as my body.  I feel bad when I get home from work that Solomon has been packing all day, and doing other things to get ready for the move, that I just want to help him, and skip working out.  Plus, there are so many people to say goodbye to, that most nights I wouldn’t even have time!

I know it’s just for a little while, and once I am done with work (TOMORROW! YAY!) I can get right back on track with no problems.  But this week just sucked as far as feeling good.  It’s good for me to know how much my body needs and craves exercise.  I miss it!  Next week exercise is going to be so important, because I think we will be taking Boston by storm!  We want to hit up our favorite restaurants before we go, so lots of eating out, and really enjoying it!

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