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August 18, 2009

A few weeks ago, while spending the weekend with my parents in NJ, we bought a bag of Salt and Vinegar Popchips.  I was really excited about trying these, since I have developed a salty tooth lately, and love the idea of a healthier potato chip.  I eagerly dug in, and found I was really disappointed by these-they were SOOO salty!  Everyone who was with us tried the chips and agreed they were just too salty.  Being the proactive person that I am, I decided to email Popchips and let them know how disappointed I was.  I never expected the response I got:

DSC01728Popchips sent me 6 snack size bags, a ton of coupons, and even a cute little chip clip.  I am so glad they did this, since I really did want to give them a second chance.  The verdict?  YUM!  So far we have dug into the original, BBQ, salt and vinegar (way less salty than the bag I got) and the salt and pepper (my favorite!).  I really don’t eat a lot of potato chips, but these were really good.  They weren’t greasy, and felt healthy, even though they are potato chips.  The flavors were not overpowering at all, and the snack size packs were the perfect size.  We even used some of our coupons and bought a few big bags.  I can see these becoming a staple in our house.  They are perfect with a sandwich, or as a road trip snack (I admit, I dug into a bag on my recent drive from NJ to PA and felt no shame).  Delicious, I love popchips!


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