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Boy Meets Grill

August 29, 2009

My dad is seriously the Grillmaster.  He doesn’t have a shirt or an apron saying it, but it’s true, the man rocks at grilling.  He and my mom will spend hours preparing an amazing grilled feast on weekends.  It’s cute because they cook together, and prep together and it’s so sweet to see them.  What’s also amazing is my dad wasn’t much of a cook before this (a meal was hot dogs and beans), but since he starting grilling, he has become a total foodie, who loves to spend time in the kitchen, and really appreciates a great meal.  The love of the grill started with one cookbook, Boy Meets Grill, by the amazing Bobby Flay (amazing, really…if you are in NY go to Mesa Grill).  Since getting that book, my parents have gotten almost all of Bobby’s books, and made some spectacular things from them.  Their grilling is so amazing that friends will ask me and my brother when they can come over for dinner, because it is that good.

As for us, we are still breaking in our first grill, and loving everything that comes off of it.  We stayed in tonight to relax and made a fantastic feast on the grill.  First we grilled some ciabatta bread (a little olive oil on the bread), and topped it with a sauteed onion and mushroom mixture.


For dinner we had asparagus, grilled onions (EVOO, S&P on the grill…amazing!), salmon burger (for me, with horseradish mustard which is delish) and chicken for Solomon (citrus chili marinade, again from Bobby Flay).


The star of the show however was the corn.  The amazing, amazing corn.  My parents make a lot of different flavored butters, and I decided to make my own today.  I took some Smart Balance light (it is parve and was created at my alma mater) and mixed in some chipotle chili powder, and Tabasco Chipotle until it was all blended.  We spread this on ears of corn, and wrapped them up in tin foil.  These went on the grill for 20 minutes, and came out so amazing, that we both wish we had made more.  Try this corn, it will knock your socks off!


What you don’t see in this picture is Rufio with his head in my lap waiting for anything to fall.  The corn was too good to let a single kernel drop! I ate all of the veggies and about half of the salmon.  I love when the veggies are the best part of dinner.   Off to relax with the hubby, and wait for our first houseguests tonight!!  I guess we should do a best of Meadville tour with them tomorrow!

3 Comments leave one →
  1. August 29, 2009 11:16 pm

    That sounds like a great butter, I’ve never thought about creating my own butter flavors, great idea.

  2. August 30, 2009 5:16 pm

    nom nom! grilling sounds great!!!

  3. August 30, 2009 11:23 pm

    yum corn sounds amazing right now!

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