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Guest Post #2

October 17, 2009

Let me take a quick moment and introduce myself – I am Solomon, Morgan’s husband. You might know me from such places as “Guest Post #1” (thank you for all the nice wishes on our anniversary).

Anyway, Morgan asked me to post some of my thoughts as I have just finished two weeks of traveling for my job. I am an admissions counselor at Allegheny College in Meadville.



Part of our job is to hit the road and visit high schools, attend college fairs, and meet high school students who are searching for the right college. It’s a fantastic profession and I am so happy doing what I am doing, but this post is on something different (if you have questions about this profession, please let me know).

As I mentioned, most admissions counselors spend some time on the road, whether it be for a few days or for eight weeks. At my previous job, I was never traveling for more than four or five days. It was a perfect amount of time, because I was never gone for too long. I have also met some counselors who travel for eight to ten weeks only returning home twice during that period (can you say NIGHTMARE?!?!?!?)

Anyway, I spent these past two weeks in New England (CT, MA, and NH). Being gone for two weeks was a lot tougher than I thought it would be, but it was so great being back at home (I am originally from Boston). I was also excited at the prospect of being in Boston for the playoffs, but alas, the Red Sox never made it very far…but I digress.


This post is more related to living on the road. When we travel, almost all of our exprenses are paid for (we have a daily stipend for food). For some reason, I LOVE to eat out (I love to cook also, but there is something about sitting back, relaxing, and having someone else do the work). I can always find a reason to eat out…just ask Morgan! (“Hey Morgan – do you want to go out tonight to celebrate my birthday that was four months ago?) The problem is that after eating lunch and dinner out for two days in a row, the novelty completely wears off and I begin to feel completely gross.

At a certain point, you just want a home-cooked meal. Sometimes, I am so rushed, or it is so late at night that the chains are the only option (Applebees, Fridays, etc.). I like these places, but there are only so many burgers I can eat. I also try to eat at different places and try things I haven’t had. The truth is, when stop at a Mexican restaurant and I haven’t had good Mexican food in a long time, I am not about to order a garden salad. Therein lies the problem. It wasn’t until more than a week went by that I began to order healthier options (I have really missed good food while living in Meadville).

Anyway, to wrap it up, I ate at all of my favorite restaurants while in Boston and I definitely overdid it (I think I went to The Cheesecake Factory about three times). I guess for those people who have self-control, it’s a great deal easier. Thankfully, my travel is over and I can count on Morgan to get me back on track and to kick me back into shape.

Thanks to all of you for reading Morgan’s blog AND for commenting…it really means a lot to her. Keep it up!

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