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Who Says Running is Cheap?

October 18, 2009

I’m not a runner…yet.  I run, but am definitely not able to call myself a runner.  I’ll get there eventually, I know it.  Plus, I have all of you amazing bloggers out there to inspire me!

I’m always slightly surprised when people who want to start exercising decide to run because “it’s free.”  I get that you can just lace up a pair of sneakers and go out for a run, but that’s not really gonna get you too far.  Lacing up your Chuck Taylors vs. getting a pair of actual running sneakers is a world of difference.  I know some people just start running, figure out they need shoes and gear, and learn really quick that running is not a cheap sport!  I mean, if there are whole stores devoted to one sport, there is no way it’s, cheap, right?

I have always had at least one pair of running shoes, for as long as I can remember, and know better than to just throw on sneakers and try to run.  I got a new pair late in the summer and was doing OK with them, but the last few weeks, I’ve noticed when doing yoga that the outside edge of my right foot hurt.  In brilliant, typical Morgan fashion, I decided to ignore it.  Smart, huh?  Because if I ignore it, maybe it’ll just go away?  NOT LIKELY.  So after running 4 miles this weekend, I came home and my foot felt like it was on fire.  On top of that I had a little shin splint disaster going on.  I was a miserable mess.  I came home, stretched out and sat with ice on my shins and foot.  It didn’t really help so much.

I started talking with my dad about my foot pain, and he thinks that maybe I have the wrong running shoes.  He gave me something to try, that worked wonders for him last year when he had back surgery, called Biofreeze.  


It’s a pain relieving cream, kind of like Ben-Gay, but not as stinky or sticky.  It starts of cool, and turns hot, and really helped my foot feel better.  Good thing I found this, because I kind of don’t like Ben-Gay.  Back in college, we would go on 10 day training trips to somewhere tropical where would swim about 6 hours a day.  My shoulders would hurt so much that I would slather them with Ben-Gay before a nap or bedtime and not put a shirt on since it would stick to the cream and be more uncomfortable.  Let me tell you, there’s nothing quite like waking up realizing Ben-Gay has dripped down your front and is now on your boobs.  Not to be TMI or anything, but really, you don’t want to find out!  Oh well, enough about me reminiscing, back to running!

He also suggested that we head over to a local running store, to get me refitted for sneakers.  We went to Shore Runner to take a look at the selection.  Right away they had me walk barefoot to get an idea of my gait.  Turns out I don’t have quite as neutral a gait as I always thought!

The guy who waited on me was SOOOO patient, as I tried on practically every shoe in the store!  Trying on running shoes is strange, I knew I did or didn’t like a pair, but I couldn’t even say why!  I ended up with a great pair of Sauconys.  I’ve always had Asics, so I’m excited for a new kind of shoe!


While I was there, I looked around, and there was SO MUCH that I wanted!  Why on earth would anyone think running is cheap?!?!  I had my eye on this cute shirt:


Except it said “Will Run for Wine.”  LOVE IT!

I also adore this shirt, and need to get myself one. 


I need a job before I buy all of this stuff!

I also picked up a headband because where I live it’s damn cold!  I wear a hat in the winter, but sometimes it’s just too hot, and sometimes it’s just too cold and I need more to keep me warm.  I also thought it would be perfect for Project Snow!


The more time I spent in the store, the more I found I wanted, and think I can really use as I slowly make my transition from running to being a runner!  I can’t imagine anyone thinks running is cheap, but I think it’s an investment worth making 🙂

What is some of your must have running gear? 
If you run in the cold, what do you do to stay warm?

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  1. October 18, 2009 12:54 pm

    I guess maybe running is cheap in that you don’t have to join a gym to run. But free? no! 🙂

    My must haves are good shoes, and dry fit tops and pants/capris.

    For the cold, the best tip I’ve heard is that you should be a little cold when you start running: dress as if it’s 20*F warmer than it is

  2. October 19, 2009 6:33 pm

    running is WAY too expensive..totally agree!

    My Physical Therapist used Biofreeze on me…i love that stuff…i really wish she would give me a bottle for free 🙂

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