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My Dad is a Runner

April 7, 2011

He hasn’t put in miles in quite some time, but despite this he will always be a runner. 

Here’s what makes him a runner (in his words):

1. You run a 100 miles a week and ask yourself “did I do enough?”

2. You just complete a race and you say to yourself “I need to train for the next race.”

3. You become a junkie about training statistics and shoe wear.

4. You start a collection of race aprons in a book or on a wall.

5. You are sweating in the cold with the thought “When will the starter fire his pistol to get the show on the road?”

6. You will be impatient with slower runners and need to challenge yourself with better training partners.

I know because I was all of the above and still miss it.

Once a runner, always a runner, right?  Now he’s a cyclist (always was), yogi and a rock climber (also, a proud grandfather), but I know he’d do what he could to be a runner again.

Picture 015

What makes you a runner? 

Please tell me!  I’d love to do a series sharing what makes you a runner…whether you just run for peace of mind, or are a hardcore marathoner, I want to know!

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  1. April 7, 2011 11:21 pm

    I don’t know if I’ve ever been a runner- but if I could ever run for long enough to get better without injuries haha. But I do enjoy running when I can do it!

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