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How my iPhone Keeps Me Healthy

April 19, 2011

I’m not a tech person.  I want to self host my blog but the idea is daunting.  I’ve been known to drop phones into toilets, and destroy computers with a single touch.  So for me, having something as “technologically advanced” as an iPhone is pretty intense.

I’m a text junkie, so I knew I was going to have a lot of fun with apps for my phone.  I just had no idea that I would be able to use my iPhone to keep myself healthy.  Basically, an iPhone and a good pair of sneakers might be the only fitness equipment you ever need.


Kind of obvious, but I love working out to music.  Having my iTunes on my phone just makes me happy.



There is a never-ending world of apps out there, it’s just mind boggling.  There are thousands and thousands and they just keep coming.  I use apps to learn new exercises, find new recipes and keep on top of my workouts.  So far, I only have free apps, so the possibilities are endless if you want to pay for apps.  Here are some favorites:

food apps
Fooducate: This app scans labels and provides a grade for food.  It will give you pointers for certain foods, like pointing out if it contains a lot of sugar.  It also suggests other options than your choice which might be better.

AllRecipes and Epicurious: I like to have lots of options for the same thing.  I use these to find recipes and meal ideas.  Each has their own perks and search options available.  The options are endless for finding great meals.

Grocery IQ: I use this to keep my shopping list.  I just keep a basic list, but it allows you to put a lot of details, such as how much, what the cost might be, etc. 

ex apps
NTC (Nike Training Club): This provides tons of workouts right on your phone.  It talks you through the workout, lets you know what equipment you need and provides prompts and cues.  There is a lot of variety too!

Arm Workout, Butt Workout, Ab Workout: I tend to like more basic and “classic”  exercises.  I prefer bicep curls and squats over more convoluted and awkward moves.  Each of these is a 5 minute workout of about 10 exercises back to back.  Simple, basic exercises that don’t require lots of googling to figure out how to do them.  I do these almost everyday.

Electric Miles: This is the iPhone app for Daily Mile.  I love this website, and use it to track my workouts, how many miles are on my shoes, etc.  I like the community behind it, and being able to provide and get support for other people’s workouts.

RL Free: This is another app I like to use to track my mileage.  I like that it shows you your monthly and weekly mileage and figures out things like your average pace over the month or week.

Run Keeper: This serves as a GPS for outside workouts, and also provides you with your pace.  You can program it to play your playlists while simultaneously running this.

There are also tons of other great apps that I probably haven’t found yet!  I also know a lot of people like to use their iPhone to track their food.  I find calorie counting just isn’t for me-I get overly obsessive and it’s just bad news.  For those that use this, it’s great to have the ability to track your food right at your fingertips.  I just prefer and old fashioned, hand written food journal.  I’ve been using that since 2 weeks after Aaron was born and dropped all of the weight and then some fairly fast, and safely.


I do yoga at least once a week, but never in a studio.  I can’t justify finding a babysitter just so I can workout when I can do it at home for free.  I tend to use podcasts to do yoga.  There are so many out there, and many are free.  Every kind of yoga from beginner to more advanced.  Two of my favorites are Dave Farmar and Yoga to the People.



I love having access to my half marathon training plan right on my phone.  I was even able to take the document and make it an app, so it is right on my home screen.  Having this available to me at a single tap makes it easy to know what’s in store for me training wise in the coming days, and to keep my workout plan up to date.  It is synced right with my Google Docs, so it’s always ready and available for me.  I also get to see how Robin is doing with her training, and we get to send each other little notes!

Here’s the plan for this week by the way (as always, subject to change):

week 11





Amazing for someone who is basically technologically ignorant.  I love having it all right in my hand, and I love being able to add more whenever I want!  Technology can be my friend!

By the way, the picture you see in the background of my apps?  Here it is:

I know, right?

What are some of your favorite apps?  How have you used technology to get and keep yourself healthy?

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  1. April 19, 2011 3:04 pm

    Haha, I love that picture!

    The Fooducate app sounds awesome. I am pretty good at label scanning but it would be nice to have something to do it for me! Also I really need to get better about using podcasts for yoga. I’ve heard really good things about both that you mentioned.

  2. April 20, 2011 12:08 am

    I use the Monterrey Bay Sustainable Seafood app sometimes. And iFitness. Those are totally different from one another, but I guess they are both healthy living related. And words with friends is good for my mind, right? I use that a lot too.

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