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Day 2: 10 Years From Now

April 24, 2011

day 2

The answer: who friggin’ knows?

10 years ago, I thought I would be a powerful career woman living in Manhattan clawing her way up the corporate ladder.  That’s not who I am now, and that’s OK.  I didn’t have the answer then, and I don’t have it now.

10 years ago I was a college sophomore who had no idea what her career and life path were.  I was absolutely certain of 3 things:

  • I was going to study abroad the following spring.

I spent the spring of 2002 in Melbourne, Australia.  It was a fantastic experience.  If you get the chance to study abroad during a semester of college or graduate school, TAKE IT!

  • I was going to spend a good deal of time that summer in physical therapy.

My Coach had it in his head that he could turn me into a butterflyer.  My shoulders and I had totally different opinions from him on this one.  That, plus the fact that I’m double jointed in my shoulders and have depleted cartilage led to 3 sessions a week in physical therapy all summer.  Stellar.

  • Ian Thorpe was a god.

Now I crush hard on Michael Phelps.

Anyway, 10 years ago, I was wrong about where I was going to be.  So for me to even guess where I’m going to be 10 years from now is crazy.  I’ll be getting ready to turn 40, and will have probably had at least one mid life crisis.  I’ll also probably have to start dyeing my hair, since I’ll definitely be grey.  I’ll probably be really into yoga, and I’ll have at least one more child.  Aaron will be in 4th grade, and I will hopefully have some sort of career.  I have lots of business ideas, so maybe one of those will work out.  Or maybe I’ll just teach yoga or bake cupcakes? 

I do know I won’t be a lawyer.  A law degree is an AMAZING degree, but practicing law just isn’t for me.  Thankfully, it’s also a versatile degree, so I know I’ll be able to use it in some other way, like I said, probably for business.  I do believe that 10 years from now I’ll be happy though.  I really believe that.

Not knowing is OK.  Sometimes I think I’m totally lost, but I’m not, I’m just not totally found yet.  I really don’t know where I’ll be 10 days, 10 weeks or 10 months from today, so 10 years is a stretch.  For now, I’m just enjoying the ride, without a 10 year plan.

Do you have a 10 year plan?  A 5 year plan?  Are you where you thought you would be 10 years ago?

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  1. April 24, 2011 4:17 pm

    Good for you! I have very broad 5 and 10 year goals- most of which are just in my mind, but like you said- 10 years ago I was 16 years old, I had NO IDEA where I would be now and that’s okay 🙂

  2. April 24, 2011 5:39 pm

    I have no idea where I’ll be in ten years either. I mean, I have some vague goals, but nothing really specific. I was just about to say that ten years ago, I’d never thought I’d be living in Atlanta but I just realized that I moved here nine years ago (almost) so maybe I did start thinking about it ten years ago.

  3. April 24, 2011 6:02 pm

    Love this! Especially lately (with graduating), I’ve been thinking a lot about where I’ll be in the future. It’s nice to hear someone say it’s OK to just not know! 10 years ago, I was 12 and wow a LOT has clearly changed since then. But I think if you told me when I was 12 I would be where I am today in 10 years, I’d be happily surprised. I hope that happens in another 10 years!

  4. April 26, 2011 12:56 pm

    My five to ten year plan… ditch the corporate job and do my true passion. Own a contracting company and become a master electrician. Seriously!

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