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Day 3: Drugs and Booze

April 26, 2011

Whoa, getting into the heavy stuff mighty fast, aren’t we?

I’m not going to preach that drugs and alcohol are bad.  I think that moderation is key, and it’s a learning experience.  That’s not to say I think it’s OK to do heroin once in a while to learn, I just think there are different levels of drugs and alcohol, and the reality is that it’s part of growing up.

OK, drugs first.  Not so much my thing.  Never were.

I’ve smoked pot about a dozen times in my life from high school to college.  I would always get really giggling and really hungry, and wake up with a sore throat that lasted me 3 days.  I don’t think I ever really got high.  I just never enjoyed it the way other people seemed to, so I just decided not to bother anymore.

I think I never really thought of marijuana as so bad, since I do support the legalization of it for medicinal reasons.  Therefore, I never viewed smoking pot as such a terrible thing, just not my thing.  I don’t have a problem with people doing it, I just would rather not be around.  I also think it’s something you just kind of outgrow after awhile.  I don’t know many other people who smoke pot at my age.  Not that I’m old, I just think you get over it maybe.  I don’t know.  I do think experimenting with pot is a natural part of growing up, walking around stoned all day is not.

As for other drugs, I think I’ve been sheltered.  I’ve never really had much exposure to drugs, though I knew they were around and how to get them if I wanted (especially in college).  Snorting something up my nose freaks me out to no end, and the thought of injecting myself with a needle is horrifying.

Again, though I haven’t experienced it first hand, I do know how quickly drugs can ruin a life (I worked in legal services for quite some time representing people who could not afford legal help-there were some drug issues).  I also think I would probably be judgmental about drugs.  If I found out someone I knew was into heavy drugs, I would probably question who they are, and why on earth they turned to drugs.  I guess ultimately, drugs aren’t something that I “get”.  It’s certainly not a bad thing not to “get” drugs.

Basically, drugs are bad.  Pot is a drug, and though it’s bad I think it’s part of life.  Try it once.  Get over it.

Now alcohol.  Oh alcohol.

I grew up in a house where it was there.  We were allowed to have a sip on holidays as kids, and as we got older we were allowed a little glass of our own.  I knew what alcohol was and appreciated it.  That’s not to say I haven’t abused it.

There have been more nights than I care to count that I’ve blacked out or woken up in my own vomit.  Classy, huh?  Just because I knew what alcohol was, and I had respect for it, didn’t mean I wasn’t going to go crazy when faced with all sorts of things I’ve never tried combined with peer pressure and my own insecurities.  Though I’ve embarassed myself, made a scene and made a big mess, I don’t regret getting stupid with alcohol.  It’s how you learn.  I do regret being mean and hurting people’s feelings or causing problems.  With my inhibitions down, it’s inevitable.

I’ve also gotten stupid drunk and been a blast (so my friends say).  I’m sure plenty of you reading this have experienced fun drunk Morgan and bad drunk Morgan.  I blame the punch-never drink the punch.  If it’s in a giant bucket and is bright red-walk away!

Now, I enjoy alcohol, but in a very adult way.  I don’t particularly care for much liquor.  I don’t like drinks that are too sweet, and anything blue or neon pink freaks me out.   I avoid creamy drinks like the plague, except the occasional pina colada on vacation.  Generally, I think drinks like this are a waste of calories.

As far as alcohol, if I’m going to drink it’s going to be a vodka tonic, vodka club, or a real margarita (none of those sugary mixes or frozen ones for me.  I’m talking GOOD tequila, triple sec, lime juice).  I only have those once in awhile, I think they take away from the food for the most part.

Now a sampler of all different flavors of GOOD margaritas…OK, I’ll take it.

I do enjoy beer, and sometimes I desperately crave it (when Passover is done I just want a pint of Hoegaarden).  Beer fills me fast, so one is more than enough for me.  I really like it and won’t bother with cheap beer.  Solomon and I always keep a variety of bottles in the house, and if I have one a month, it’s a lot.  When I drink it, I love it.

Now wine.  Oh wine.  I LOVE wine.  I love good wine that’s dry.  I like the occasional glass of cold white wine, depending on what I’m eating or on a particularly hot day, but I tend to stick to red.  I fully embrace the idea that a glass a day is good for you, and most nights I’ll have a glass after Aaron goes to bed.  If we’re out to dinner, I usually have one too.  I was all nervous in the beginning about nursing and wine, but I make it work.

Solomon and I really enjoy wine.  I think it’s part of our relationship.  We love wine tasting and vineyards and will take any chance we get to try new wines.  We love to pick out bottles together and build our (slowly dwindling) collection.  It’s nice to unwind and share a glass or two together.

I would take wine over any other alcohol or beer.  I LOVE it.  I missed it when I was pregnant, and got it back into my life quickly after Aaron was born.

I still sometimes go overboard, but not like in college.  My responsibilites are way different now, and I’m not going to be a disaster.  Again, I do think that’s part of growing up-getting stupid with alcohol and doing something you regret is a learning experience.  That’s not to say you should go out and pound a handle of vodka and see what happens, but realize it’s reality.  Get a little silly and let loose.  It’s not the end of the world.

How about you?  How do you feel about drugs and alcohol?  Given the choice would you take wine, beer or liquor?

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  1. April 26, 2011 12:53 pm

    I am a beer guy. I got into wine when I was single post college. I realized then that beer at dinner with a date was not classy! 😉 Angela and I enjoy wine to this day, but I really prefer beer. I am not a liquor person because liquor and me aren’t a good combination. Beer is a known quantity and I can control the amount of alcohol I consume.

    I agree that having a little fun every now and again is OK but let’s face it… hangovers suck! I personally hate hangovers now. I would rather be up all night with Annabelle than hungover!

  2. April 26, 2011 2:11 pm

    i’ve never had even one sip of alcohol or done any drugs. my high school students swear i’m lying when i tell them that but it is the 100% truth. one time when i was little my dad told me alcohol kills brain cells and although scare tactics on 4th graders probably isnt the best parenting move, it totally stuck with me. now i just dont drink because i dont want to, not because i’m scared of losing brain cells (being a mom caused me to lose more brain cells than any alcohol or drug ever could, i’m losing my mind!!!! LOL).

  3. Jillian permalink
    April 26, 2011 4:54 pm

    I’ve never done any drugs, although I sat in enough pot smoking in college to get high! I’m not a huge drinker, never have been. I’ve had some good times drinking but for the past 5 years I feel like I’ve either been pregnant or nursing so drinking wasn’t an option for me.

    My absolute favorite drink is Southern Comfort and lime…or a nice Strawberry Daquiri on vacation (calories be damned!) Hopefully 4 more months of nursing and then maybe I can have a drink…or two!

  4. April 27, 2011 12:36 am

    For some reason I thought you were supposed to drink while nursing, so now I’m happy to know that it’s only 9 months I will have to go without a drink haha. I’m definitely not a big drinker, but I like being able to have 1 or 2 beers or glasses of wine especially at social events. My stomach does not love drinks so I usually won’t have one if I’m just at home, but out to dinner I do about half the time. I really do fear having to give up all drinking while pregnant, I feel like it will give me away early on in the pregnancy because people will be like “Kelly isn’t drinking, we know what’s up.” That kind of makes me sound like an alcoholic but like I said I usually have a drink or two.

    Like everyone I made some bad decisions in college with drinking, but luckily I was always reasonably in control and my stomach usually gives out before anything too terrible can happen 🙂 Also was never really into pot… but agree I knew more people who did it occasionally when I was younger and now I know… no one I can think of!

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