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Day 7: What’s Your Sign?

May 6, 2011

day 7

May 12.  I’m a Taurus.  I don’t even really know what that means.

I’m not really into astrology.  Just not my thing.  It’s a little too new agey for me.  Plus, your horoscope can be found just about anywhere and it’s always different, so why should I trust one over the other?’

I did a little bit of Wikipedia research to learn more about Taurus:

Taurus is an earth sign and is considered to be introverted (ha!).  I’m considered compatible with other earth signs, and only semi compatible with other signs like Leo, which is what Solomon is. 

Wikipedia didn’t give me much. 

Astrology Online said that Taurus is:

  • Patient and reliable
  • Warmhearted and loving
  • Persistent and determined
  • Placid and security loving
  • Jealous and possessive
  • Resentful and inflexible
  • Self-indulgent and greedy

This I can work with.  Patience isn’t my strongest point, but I try.  I can be a little flaky, but I do my best to be reliable.  I think I’m very warmhearted and loving, I have a lot of love to give!  Persistent and determined is an understatement.  People say Taurus the Bull is stubborn and that defines me to a T!  Placid and security loving is a weird way to describe someone.  I don’t think I’m terribly placid, I don’t like to sit still and always have to be doing something.  I do like to feel safe and secure, whether with people or where I am, so I guess that’s true.

Now the darker side.  Not really jealous or possessive with peopleIt actually drives Solomon crazy that I don’t get more jealous.  Maybe I just trust him.  As far as being jealous or possessive with things, I think that’s something all people are.  I like my things, I like nice things, I want them to stay nice and I want them to be mine!  I don’t think I’m resentful at all.  I’ve seen what holding a grudge and onto resentment can do, so I strive not to.  Inflexible is the last thing I am-we don’t do scheduling around here.  Aaron doesn’t nap and eat on a schedule, and he’s a fantastic napper, night time sleeper and eater.  I bend around what else is going on, what his needs are and what my needs are.  Easy.  I can be very self-indulgent.  I like to treat myself to the aforementioned nice things.  I like to pamper myself.  I don’t think it’s a bad thing.  I also think everyone can be greedy, though I don’t think that’s a way to describe me.  I like to give and I like to share.  That is not greedy.

It can go on forever.  There are so many sites with so much information.  I did like this though:


  • Stability
  • Being Attracted
  • Things Natural
  • Time to Ponder
  • Comfort and Pleasure

  • Disruption
  • Being pushed too hard
  • Synthetic or "man made" things
  • Being rushed
  • Being indoors

I think that defines me nicely.

Overall, I think astrology is just not for me.  I don’t really believe in it.  I don’t discount people who do, but I don’t think a paragraph in a newspaper can determine my day!

Do you believe in astrology.  Do you think your zodiac sign fits your personality?

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  1. May 6, 2011 7:06 pm

    I’m also a Taurus but the description doesn’t fit me at all. Out of all of those traits, the only one that I really have is Placid and Security Loving. I’m right on the cusp of Taurus and Aries and I think my personality is really more in line with Aries. That said, I never really read my horoscope.

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