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May 10, 2011

I like pictures.  I don’t like pictures of things-I like pictures of people.  Which is such a great thing about being a mom.  SO. MANY. PICTURES.  I take thousands of pictures of Aaron, but I’m not the best at printing them out to frame, album or scrapbook.  Or I print out a ton through Shutterfly or Snapfish and they sit in my scrapbook pile.  The bottom line is, I need to get on it because this house needs way more pictures of Aaron all over.  I mean, he is so stinkin’ cute after all!

So when Megan offered me a chance to make an 8” x 10” canvas print at I practically jumped out of my chair in excitement.  To me, a canvas print was much more than just a picture in a frame-it’s a piece.  You can’t just stick it on a tabletop, but it’s more of a decorative piece.

ECPThe hardest part was deciding what picture to use.  I decided to do this as a surprise for Solomon, so I didn’t have his input.  I wanted to use one of Aaron’s 6 month pictures, but I wasn’t sure.  So I’m going to use this opportunity to share some of those with you, so you can see my dilemma.

img_0077 img_0081 img_0046 img_0054 img_0065
Not the easiest decision, is it?  Finally, I settled on this one:

The whole process of turning this into a canvas print was so easy it was laughable. 

ECPFirst, I chose my canvas size, and how thick I wanted the wrap to be.  Next I uploaded my image.  The website will tell you if the quality of your print is good enough for a nice looking canvas print.  You can always resize your picture so it fits into the frame how you like it.  Finally you choose a border style.  I went with the mirror image which is the image mirroring around the canvas.  You can also choose color finishing like black and white, or image retouching. 

That was it.  I immediately got an email letting me know my order had gone through, and that I should expect it by May 5 (I placed the order April 28).  Imagine my surprise when I came home on May 3 to a package waiting for me! 

Picture 006 
I LOVE how it came out.  I love that it’s a little different, and that there is no frame (I like simple or almost no frames, so this is right up my alley).  It’s a thick piece of canvas, and looks just like the photo.  The print quality really was excellent and I love having a picture of my little man that’s nice and big!

I think this would make a great gift for someone (today is Mother’s Day after all), but I do think it can get a bit pricey.  Sticking with the basics like I did would make it much more affordable.  The website keeps a running tally of what your price will be based on what features you add, so that’s a big plus!  Using was a great experience, and I would definitely work with them again, either for myself or a gift (especially if there was a sale).

What’s a fun gift you like to give?  Do you like pictures of people, places or things?

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