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A 3 Year Old and a 7 Month Old

May 14, 2011

Yesterday was a big day in our house.  This guy turned 3!

Rufio was such a little peanut when we brought him home.

He was just a little ball of hair that was all legs and ears.  Well, he’s still a ball of hair that’s all legs and ears, but he’s much more insane.  He’s all schnauzer and so much fun!  I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since we bought this little nutcase into our lives!  We love him so much, even though he’s a total pain in the butt!  Happy birthday Hummy, we love you!

Picture 112
Yesterday, someone else turned 7 months old.  He loves to eat now almost as much as his big brother (though Rufio is much more ruthless with food), and is a social butterfly.  Everything is his business and he wants to be part of anything and everything (heaven forbid we eat in front of him and he isn’t eating).  Aaron can also sit up by himself for long periods of time, has 1 tooth and is trying to start crawling.  I can’t wait to see his chubby little thighs in shorts next week, and to get his fat little feet in the sand!

 Picture 097

Happy birthday to both of my little boys!  I feel so lucky!

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  1. Freddi Faye permalink
    May 19, 2011 9:41 pm

    I loved the pictures of Rufio. : )

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