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His Royal Highness

June 21, 2011

It’s no secret that Aaron is a people person.  This is one social little boy.  He loves the people who love him, and he loves complete strangers.  It’s not uncommon for him to try and turn his head around 180* to get a look at everyone and everything.  He smiles at everyone and people seem drawn to him (not just cause he’s a cute baby, he’s got a great personality)!

For the last week or so, Aaron has been waving.  It started off with him waving his chubby little hand towards himself.  Then, he would randomly wave.  It was kind of like, wow, look what I can do.  What’s amazing with babies is seeing when they finally “get it.”  All of a sudden, Aaron gets waving.  He waves at me, he waves at daddy, he waves at Rufio.

In his effort to somehow communicate with every single person Aaron comes across, he has begun to wave at everyone.  What a hoot!  When he’s in the carrier, he’s waving.  In his stroller, waving.  Yesterday at lunch, looking all over the restaurant and waving at anyone whose eye he could catch (and loving it when they waved back).  Such a funny little boy.

Not only is Aaron waving, but he’s practicing different kinds of waves.  He does the one where you kind of flap your hand, and he can wave his hand back and forth.  I even caught him doing one with a slightly cupped hand, like royalty.  I think he’s hoping he can score Pippa Middleton with that one!

I’m pretty sure I have a social butterfly on my hands.  Aaron is super talkative, always babbling on and on CONSTANTLY, even when everyone else is quiet.  All of the other babies are focused on something else, and Aaron babbles away anyhow.  An older man even dubbed him to be “Chairman of the Board” when hearing him chatter on amongst his playgroup friends at the farm last week. 

I’m having so much fun with this little boy!  I’m just loving that he’s so sweet and innocent now.  If he keeps up being Mr. Social Butterfly, I better watch out soon.  He’s already a HUGE flirt, who knows what’s to come?  He’s his father’s child after all…

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  1. June 21, 2011 9:05 pm

    awwh, i love how their little personalities are coming out already! i have a shy one! how cute about his different waves. 🙂


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