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Self Feeding

July 28, 2011

Dear Aaron,

It’s not exactly a secret that you  like to eat.  Scratch that.  You love to eat.  Let’s hope this continues and you don’t turn into a picky eater.

Picture 043 
You’ve devoured all of the purees I made for you with such gusto.  For awhile now daddy and I have been letting you try our food too.  A bite of this, a bite of that.  We want you to experience lots of tastes and textures.  Our goal is to make you love food.  We plan to have you in the kitchen with us learning to cook as soon as possible.  It’s really important to us. 

We’ve also been working on getting you to feed yourself.  We put puffs in front of you at mealtime, but you are much more inclined to throw them on the floor and laugh while Rufio eats them.  You also like to share your crackers and teething biscuits with him.  It’s not enough that Rufio will do anything he can to get your food, but giving it to him?  Great Aaron, encourage it.

Picture 074 
You would occasionally pick one up and pop it in your mouth, and always seem really surprised that food ended up there.  We’ve been encouraging it, since our goal is to get you to feed yourself all of your food.

Picture 006 
Just like with everything with you, it suddenly clicked, and now you are obsessed with feeding yourself.  You ignore the spoon and focus on getting whatever small pieces are in front of you into your mouth on your own.  Some of your recent favorites have included bread, cheese, tofu, polenta, carrots, potatoes, blueberries, cantaloupe, mushrooms and watermelon.  You get such a kick out of feeding yourself. 

Picture 014 
Daddy and I are so incredibly proud of you for learning this, and you are so incredibly amused with yourself.  We like to feed you what we eat, and want you to learn to like yummy, delicious food.  We hope that you continue to want to eat off of our plates, since we aren’t so thrilled with what kid’s menus offer.

Picture 019 
In addition to feeding yourself finger foods, you are also incredibly determined to feed yourself anything.  It’s becoming a fight at every meal to keep the spoon since you want to use it on your own.  The problem is, the food goes everywhere but your mouth. 

Picture 072
Baby steps my love.



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