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July 31, 2011

Dear Aaron,

You are officially mobile…but not in a normal way, of course. You have begun crawling. Kind of. Not so much crawling as crawling backwards.

Picture 082
You’ve been aching to be mobile for quite some time. You have been sitting beautifully for months, but for the longest time was hating tummy time, no matter what. I didn’t force it on you, since I knew you would eventually get mobile, even without a ton of tummy time. In the last few months all of a sudden you really took to tummy time, and were content to play on your belly for long periods of time. I thought that maybe, just maybe you were on the verge of crawling for so long, then we went to Israel, and I swear you backtracked.

Picture 027
Because the home we stayed in had Jerusalem stone, there was nowhere that I felt comfortable putting you on the floor to play. We tried blankets and towels, but the floor was still so hard. So for 2 weeks you had almost no floor time, so no chances to try and crawl. Don’t get me wrong, you were perfectly content to hang out on someone’s lap, be in someone’s arms or sit on the couch like a grown up. You weren’t aching for floor time at all.

Picture 157

Ever since we got back, I’ve made sure that you’ve been spending a lot of time on your belly. For a few months you have been spinning yourself in circles on your tummy, but that seemed to be about it. You have been so frustrated though, since you want things, but just can’t get to them. You took to scooting yourself around on your butt when you were sitting to try and get what you want, and while it works, it hasn’t been the most effective solution.

Picture 038

I’ve tried everything I could think of to encourage crawling. I put toys you wanted just out of reach, but that didn’t seem to do it. I sat myself just out of reach, no dice. I even put your sippy cup of water a distance away, but it didn’t push you. Then I felt guilty too since I felt like I was depriving my child of water, which you happen to be obsessed with(just like mommy!), and that’s a basic human need so I felt like a bad mommy.

Picture 341
After awhile I just calmed myself down, and realized you would crawl when you wanted to. I wondered if perhaps you might go straight to walking, or if you were just a late mover (but an early talker). I wasn’t too worried, since I knew I had nothing to worry about and I chalked it all up to laziness!

Picture 053
In the last few days you have been slowly trying to move yourself to get what you want, and like all things with you, it suddenly clicked! Yesterday morning you began crawling backwards…actively choosing to move on your own merry way, just going backwards! Who knows if you’ll ever crawl forward, or will just go butt first for awhile.

Picture 078
Either way, my baby is mobile, he’s finally mobile! I’m so proud…now I have to get ready for you to get into everything. I’m not sure the neat freak in me can handle this!



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  1. Amy permalink
    July 31, 2011 10:17 am

    Sophie was doing that for a while. Then for a few weeks she would get in crawling position and rock back and forth for a while. Then we did downward dog for a while. THEN, all of a sudden, we started to move forward.

    And we scrambled to babyproof. In fact, we still have to get a gate for the steps!

    Aaron’s on his way. 🙂

  2. July 31, 2011 12:01 pm

    Man he is so cute! I feel like it may take a week or so and then you’ll be thinking, okay I could handle Aaron going back to not crawling haha


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