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Fat Joe Feet

August 11, 2011

Dear Aaron,

Disregard the title of this post.  It makes me laugh.  It’s a little joke between daddy and I.  When it was cold and you had to wear socks, you would always rip them off any chance you got.  We made up a song about it.  It went: “Why do I put sockies on your fat joe feet, your fat joe feet, your fat joe feet.  Why do I put sockies on your fat joe feet, what else could I do?”  It sounds stupid, I know.  It’s funny to us.

Anyway, you have the most delicious little feet ever.  Although, I don’t know who loves them more-me or you.  They are chubby and just so cute, I want to cover them with kisses, which I do which makes you laugh, so I kiss them even more.

When you were born, your feet were all scrawny, but beautiful.  Long toes, and just perfect.  See?

As you grew, and your feet grew, they got even cuter.  All chubby full of baby fat.

SheenaS_LZ100-ISEFJKH_04 Picture 056 Picture 216

Eventually, you too fell in love with your own feet and took any chance you get to play with them.  They might be one of your favorite toys.  You grab at your feet all the time, not in that curious “what are these things?” way, but just because you love your feet.  You don’t try to eat them anymore so much, you just want to play with them.


Picture 026 img_0078 Picture 026
Why am I going on and on about your feet?  Well, I’m sad to realize that my time with your feet is very limited.  Baby feet are cute.  Feet that are running all over the place?  Not so much.  You love to stand, and I know that before I can blink, you’ll be putting your feet down on floors and in shoes, and your sweet feet will be all over the place. 

Picture 079
I won’t get to kiss your feet anymore, and it makes me sad, since they are so cute.  They won’t be sweet, fat little baby feet forever, I just want to remember them as they are, and make sure you know how much you love to play with your feet!

I’m just glad it’s summer, so I get to enjoy your fat little feet just a little bit longer, completely and totally socks free!



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