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August 22, 2011

Dear Aaron,

Daddy and I are working hard to teach you healthy habits now.  We want you to be a strong, healthy boy and want you to learn to make good choices on your own.  Thankfully, you already seem to favor real foods over puffs, getting a healthy amount of sleep and lots of daily activity. 

I have a habit that I hoped you would eventually pick up, but I wasn’t too worried about yet.  I drink an absurd amount of water.  I bring a water bottle most places I go to, and am always guzzling glass after glass.  I can’t even imagine how much I drink a day, but I know it definitely exceeds the 8 recommended glasses.  See, I even had my water bottle with me when I had you, both before and after!  Do you see it in the background?


Picture 287 
Once we started feeding you solids, we began to offer you water in a sippy cup.  For awhile there, you weren’t interested at all.

Then we went to Aruba.  It was hot out, and you were THIRSTY.  You chugged water all the time.  We even had to put it in a bottle for you, because you weren’t quite comfortable with the sippy cup yet and you wanted your water ASAP.

Picture 274
Once we got home you drank water a fairly normal amount.  You always got excited to see your sippy cup, and would drink some of it.  Once we went to Israel, the obsession began.  I can’t say I blame you, it was really hot!

Picture 341
Once we got home, the obsession just grew.  The problem was, the sippy cups you loved didn’t seal so great, so I couldn’t have water with me all the time for you, which frustrated you.  So after a friend recommended a special cup with a straw, I got it for you, and it is pretty much glued to your hand (except for when Auntie Rachel dropped it in the pedicure basin and we had to get you a new one…yuck).

Picture 124 Picture 014
Sometimes your cup isn’t enough for you (since you go through several a day), so you want more, more, more!

Picture 048 Picture 047
I hope you keep up the good work with this awesome habit my little waterboy.  I may not support your spitting habit, or your special way of sharing food, but this is something I can get behind 100%!

Picture 049



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  1. christy permalink
    August 23, 2011 11:24 am

    soo cute!

  2. August 28, 2011 9:32 am

    What a beautiful baby! He’s already taking after his momma…good habits, indeed!

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