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Dirty Laundry

August 30, 2011

Dear Aaron,

The other day, daddy thought he was being funny when he put you in the laundry basket and carried you downstairs saying he  had to do the laundry.  We put you on top of the washing machine (it wasn’t running) and took some cute pictures of you.

Picture 163 Picture 158

You didn’t think it was nearly as funny as we did.  In fact, you were none too amused.

Picture 166
I thought the whole laundry incident was a thing of the past, until you decided to be such a great little helper.

Picture 184
No wait, that’s not helping.  That’s you being a destroyer!

Luckily I caught you before all of the carefully folded laundry became toys for you to play with and throw all over the place. 

You tried so hard to sneak away before I busted you. 

Picture 183 
This is just the very beginning of all of the mischief you’ll be getting yourself into.  You get a free pass on this one, even though I caught you red-handed

Picture 182

I expect your help folding and putting away all of your laundry next time.  Since you’ve shown such an interest, I figure that won’t be a problem, right?




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  1. August 30, 2011 10:16 pm

    Haha, in fact he looks quite scared by the laundry incident 🙂

    He is so cute he probably deserves a free pass every time- then again, that’s the kids who drive me crazy in kindergarten, I take that back- no free passes even for cuteness! haha

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