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September 14, 2011

Dear Aaron,

Many people have called your mommy and daddy crazy.  They are probably right.  It wasn’t enough that we have you getting into everything, and our toddler Rufio begging for our attention all of the time, but we went ahead and did this:

 Picture 107
We got a puppy. 

Rufio needed a friend.  He’s our first baby, you know?  Ever since you came along, we try as hard as possible to give him lots of love, but he’s more needy than ever.  Also, he’s gotten really attached to you (which is amazing), but he can get a wee bit over protective.  We thought maybe a sister would help calm him down.  That’s just what Gracie is-Rufio’s half sister.  They have the same mommy.  Her name is Shelley.

The first day, you and Gracie barely interacted.  She slept a lot.

Picture 085

The next day, it took her absolutely no time at all to get comfortable in the house, and now you and Gracie are slowly becoming friends.  She barks a lot, and it makes you laugh since it sounds funny.  She and Rufio also play quite a bit (they are trying to figure one another out), and this always makes you giggle a ton.  I think that in no time at all, she’s going to be the boss of Rufio.  She even tried to eat his food today-and he sort of let her!

Picture 301 
This is how comfortable Gracie is: yesterday when you were swimming in your pool, she just went ahead and jumped right in with you-something Rufio will never do!  You looked at her slightly amused and sucked your thumb-you were ready for a nap.

I haven’t gotten any really good pictures of you and Gracie together or Rufio and Gracie together, since getting more than one of you to sit still at a time is nearly impossible.  Right now I think that you are under the impression that she is a stuffed animal, and you don’t quite know how to play with her.  She is under the impression that all of your toys and all ten of your little toes are chew toys for her razor sharp teething chompers.  So far, I think you like Rufio more, but you two will always have a special bond.  You are his baby after all.

Picture 385 Picture 281 Picture 292

It’s safe to say I’ll be enjoying a glass of wine or two in the evenings for awhile.  Things just got even more hectic around here.  I say that our house is already a three ring circus, so why not just add another act?

I hope you have fun playing with your doggies.  You can almost say the word (it sounds like it to me at least), and I know in no time soon you’ll all be chasing one another round and round the house, and then I’ll know for sure…daddy and I are crazy.



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  1. Amy permalink
    September 15, 2011 10:14 am

    You guys ARE crazy, but I would have done it. :-p

    Actually, when I had to round up our two cats at my parents’ house (we all hunkered down there for Irene), my dad thought it would be funny to put Sophie right in the middle of it. Two cats and a baby felt like a circus, too!

  2. September 15, 2011 11:09 am

    oh my goodness, she is precious!

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