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There’s Something About Aaron

September 16, 2011

Dear Aaron,

I didn’t really want to believe people when they told me that time was going to fly once you were born.  Boy, were they right.  I seriously feel like you were just born.  So much about you has changed in this last year, and it’s really the little things that I find I miss, or am going to miss. 

One thing I miss the most is from the early few weeks and months when you didn’t nap or sleep regularly, but fell asleep on a fairly regular basis.  You would get a little fussy  in the afternoon, and I would put you in the Moby Wrap and snuggle you all afternoon.  I loved that time.

Picture 357
I just noticed something yesterday that made me really sad.  It wasn’t something I ever thought I would miss, since I didn’t think it was really significant.  But now that it’s gone, I can’t help but feel a little wistful.

For months, no matter what I did, your hair has stood up all over the place.  I certainly wasn’t going to put gel in it or anything to calm it down, so instead, it just kind of did it’s own thing.

Picture 125  Picture 106

 img_0015 Picture 001

Picture 159

Your hair isn’t suddenly all smooth out of nowhere, but as it’s getting thicker and fuller (where did that come from by the way?  I was totally bald until I was 2!), it’s not quite as mad scientist crazy anymore. 

Picture 221 Picture 242
Your hair honestly has a mind of it’s own (well, at least that you got from me).  

The other day you styled your hair in such a way that had me kicking myself for not having the camera closer.  You took some hummus and used it as hair gel.  It was kind of like this:

Only not nearly as gross. 

Now as you grow older and older (slow down), your hair is less baby and more boy.  Only suddenly it’s a little more “business in the front, party in the back” if ya know what I mean.

Picture 035
I know everything is going to change (and fast!) and it’s supposed to.  I just didn’t expect to miss such little things.  Slow it down baby, there really is something about Aaron and I don’t want to miss any of it!



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