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Jump, Jump, Jump

September 20, 2011

Dear Aaron,

You really like to jump up and down.  Whether it’s just on your fat little feet while someone holds your hands, the jumperoo, exersaucer, those thingies at the playground on springs (what are they called?), or your Rody, you are content to just bounce and bounce. 

Picture 296
So it should come as no surprise that you LOVE the trampoline!  This past weekend we had your cousin Jeremy’s 4th birthday party at a gymnastics place.  Though you weren’t big enough to play with the other kids, you had a blast.  You climbed a bit:

Picture 023

Went through tunnels:

Picture 037

went down the slide:

Picture 040

and crawled at monster fast speed across three trampolines to get to the foam pit.

Picture 034

Good thing we caught you, you were ready to dive right in.

Picture 035

Another thing you absolutely loved at the gym was the trampoline.  I think if we let you, you would have stayed on it all day long, just bouncing along.  The pictures didn’t come out so great, since we had the not so good little camera and you were bouncing away, but we did get a video of you-all smiles and laughs.

I think it would be really fun to turn the attic into an at home gymnastics room.  We can get you a mini trampoline, things to climb on, a slide, a ball pit.  You like that idea?  Good, I’ll get right on it. 

If anything can make you this happy (though luckily, it doesn’t take much), I’ll do whatever I can to make sure it keeps happening!



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