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Mixed Messages

November 17, 2011

Dear Aaron,

The mind games continue with Gracie. 

Right after I went on and on about how you weren’t so into her, you shocked me by becoming mildly obsessed.  In fact, the morning after I posted that you weren’t really feeling Gracie, you went over to her cage and let her out (by the way, I was trying to get us both out of the door so I could work and you could go to the sitters).  Yeah, it was awesome.

Now the problem is, you don’t just want to be around Gracie.  No, you want to BE her.

Picture 015 
For some reason, despite having tons of toys, you would much rather play with her cage.  Opening and closing it, using it as a push toy.  Putting things in and taking them out.

This weekend, you really confused daddy and me, and Gracie too.  We were all in a hotel for the weekend (it was your cousin Gabby’s bat mitzvah!), and you thought it would be fun to imitate Gracie as much as possible.

Picture 022 Picture 023 Picture 025 Picture 027
Please my dear, tell me what is so exciting about Gracie’s crate?

Boy, I really hope she’s house trained soon.  It’s bad enough chasing you all over and keeping you away from any stairs you see.  Keeping you out of the dog crate?  I didn’t plan on that being a part of parenting.



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  1. December 1, 2011 4:33 am

    Too cute!

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