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Lazy Boy

December 28, 2011

Dear Aaron,

Sometimes you have so much energy I hardly know how I manage to keep up with you.  Then you have your days-your lazy days.  Sometimes my dear you are so lazy and just want to be carried everywhere.  Sometimes you are so lazy that even holding your own thumb in your mouth requires help in the form of an extra hand and a place to prop up your elbow.

Picture 150 Picture 153

Now, thanks to Grandma and Grandpa’s Hanukkah gift, you are able to take your laziness to a whole new level.  They got you a little red wagon for you to use to pull things around in.  However, you had other ideas on ways you would like to see it used.

Picture 181

If we stop pushing and give you the handle, you push it right back.

Picture 176 
At least dragging you around is a surefire way to keep you entertained for a long time.

Picture 199

Though I don’t know how crazy my hardwood floors are about it!



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