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February 1, 2012

Dear Aaron,

I knew it would happen eventually.  I just didn’t know when, or with what.  Eventually you were bound to form an attachment to something.  Would it be a blankie?  One of the toys that has been in your room since the day you were born?  One of mommy or daddy’s stuffed animals?

Snoopy.  It’s Snoopy.  Just like your uncle Justin, you are mildly obsessed with the star of the Peanuts. 

It was so random.  Grandma and Grandpa wrapped up your Hanukkah gift and tied a little Snoopy to the box just for extra decoration.  Though you absolutely adore the wagon they gave you, as soon as you saw that white and black dog in a blue snowsuit, everything in your whole world changed.

Picture 177
Now, Snoopy goes everywhere you go.  I have to be tricky and sneak him out of your crib while you sleep, wash him quick, and sneak him back in.  I’ve had to drive 30 miles round trip because you left Snoopy places.  I’ve welcomed him as part of the family.  It’s official, Snoopy is the third dog.

photo (2)

You love to hold him by his ears, his nose, his arms, his legs, his hood.  You love to give him loud kisses.  You love to hold him while you sleep, and are read to, and while you play.  He makes you laugh during long car trips.  He makes me crazy when you throw him on the floor of the car.  Right now, you are upstairs in your crib having a conversation with him, and I’m going to get you in a bit.

Snoopy literally goes everywhere.  You have to even bring him down the slide with you.

Picture 043

You look at pictures together.
 Picture 149
You play together all the time.

photo (3) 
It’s official.  Snoopy is here to stay.  The craziest part is that when he was younger, Justin was obsessed with Snoopy too (except he called Snoopy Ip.  That’s another story for another day).  Everything was Snoopy with him, and I have a feeling the same may happen for you.  Because truthfully, you also like other Snoopys.  You have another one that wears a tuxedo, and sometimes you carry them both around with you.

The only thing I do have to question is your sometimes cruel treatment of poor Snoopy.  I’ve found him in some odd positions.

Picture 061 Picture 117 photo (4)
(OK, the last one was all daddy).

Snoopy gets almost as much abuse as your real dogs do.  At least I know that it’s all done purely out of love!



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  1. Freddi Faye permalink
    February 1, 2012 9:22 pm

    These pictures are so great. Aaron did let me put Snoopy on the table and watch us eat our snack when he visited. : ) Aaron is SO cute and sweet.

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