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Aaron, Texas Ranger

February 29, 2012

Dear Aaron,

Even though lots of other people were worried that you weren’t walking more than just a few steps, I wasn’t too concerned.  I was assured not to worry until you hit 18 months, and I knew you’d be walking before then anyway.

One day, in typical Aaron fashion, you just decided to go ahead and do it.  So up you went, and you began walking.  Crawling is so last month for you!  You are a walking machine!

Sometimes you look really classy.  Rocking one sock and the diaper look is high class.

Picture 077

More often than not you have something in your hands.  From what I understand, learning to walk is a slow process, and you aren’t able to pick things up and carry them with you until you’ve mastered just walking.  Well, you went ahead and skipped the learning stage.  You usually have a sippy cup or a snack trap with you at all times.
Picture 223 Picture 349

I honestly think my favorite part about you walking is how different your movements are.  I still love your fat little feet, but seeing them standing on tip toe to get to what you want totally melts me.

Picture 358 Picture 360
Oh my walker, though it took you awhile this all happened way too fast.  Honestly, I say it all the time, but you do keep getting more and more fun.  Walking (and you are already trying to run) has added a whole new level to it!

Picture 387
Ugh, I could just eat you up!



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