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March 21, 2012

Dear Aaron,

We don’t really watch too much TV here.  It just doesn’t occur to me to turn it on for you.  You are way too busy exploring everything and wouldn’t sit still to watch anyway.  Therefore, you really don’t know too many characters.  So imagine my surprise when you knew Elmo!

On Tuesdays Maribel watches you and you always have a blast with her and her daughter Mia.  You guys do so many fun things that I’m even a little bit jealous!  Last week she took you to a storytime, and you met Elmo there.  I think that may have been your first introduction to the little red monster.  Imagine mine and daddy’s surprise when you spotted the Elmo with your stuffed animals and said “Ah-Mo!”

For a few days, you and Elmo were as tight as could be (poor Snoopy has been left in the crib for awhile.  After I wrote about him, you just got over him.  Sad).  Of course, you are now over Elmo (though he hasn’t been replaced), but the two of you had a good run.  Though I do have to question your treatment of Elmo.

Picture 072 
You are still young and have a lot to learn, but I can assure you-this isn’t how we treat our friends!  Poor Elmo.



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  1. Freddi Faye permalink
    March 24, 2012 10:05 pm

    Love it. : )

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