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Cows are Scary

May 7, 2012

Dear Aaron,

You are usually pretty fearless.  You likes to climb and jump off things, have little stranger anxiety, love big dogs and are a somewhat adventurous eater.  That’s why I am totally shocked that a seemingly innocent stuffed animal could bring you to hysterics.

Maybe this isn’t funny to others, but I want to share this story, mostly so I remember it.  Because really, I think it’s hilarious. 

One of the gifts we received before you were born was a stuffed cow that sings and moos.  I think the only song it sings is “Old McDonald.”  Daddy thought it was kind of creepy.  I thought it was adorable.  Then, we completely forgot about it for quite some time, and it just sat in your room.  Then when we set up your playroom we put a small basket of stuffed animals upstairs for you to play with. 

You’ve played with the cow a few times, but never really paid it much attention.  For some reason, it was never turned on, so for you it was just a plain old stuffed cow.  I even forgot it made noise.  Well, the other afternoon we were upstairs.  I was sitting, rubbing a doggy belly while you played, happy as can be.  You dug your hand into the bin of stuffed animals, I heard some noises, then the next thing I knew you were screaming “Mama, Mama, MAMA” and clinging to me for dear life. 

So I calmed you down, took you over to the bin to see what got you so upset, and pulled out the cow.  That’s when you began to freak out again.  So I threw the cow down the stairs, and we played happily for about 45 minutes forgetting the whole thing.  Soon it was time for a nap, so we went downstairs and you stopped mid descent and began to flip out again.  The cow was at the bottom of the stairs!  I carried you to his room, read some stories, calmed you down and let you nap.

We got busy and didn’t go up into the playroom for a few days, and again, I had forgotten all about the cow at the bottom of the stairs.  We had a playdate with Annabelle, and she went flying up the stairs, while you took one look at the cow, began to cry and ran towards your room.  I quickly threw the cow into the guest room and shut the door and calmed you down.  Then I made jokes about you being Scarlett O’Hara (she was afraid of cows) and called Daddy laughing.  Yes, I know it’s mean to laugh at you, but really!  My little Mr. Tough Guy has no fear, but a little soft stuffed animal can bring you to your knees.  Who knew?

photo (5)
It’s not that scary, is it?

I guess the cow is going to charity.  Cow has sung his last song in our house!



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