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February 1, 2012

Dear Aaron,

I knew it would happen eventually.  I just didn’t know when, or with what.  Eventually you were bound to form an attachment to something.  Would it be a blankie?  One of the toys that has been in your room since the day you were born?  One of mommy or daddy’s stuffed animals?

Snoopy.  It’s Snoopy.  Just like your uncle Justin, you are mildly obsessed with the star of the Peanuts. 

It was so random.  Grandma and Grandpa wrapped up your Hanukkah gift and tied a little Snoopy to the box just for extra decoration.  Though you absolutely adore the wagon they gave you, as soon as you saw that white and black dog in a blue snowsuit, everything in your whole world changed.

Picture 177
Now, Snoopy goes everywhere you go.  I have to be tricky and sneak him out of your crib while you sleep, wash him quick, and sneak him back in.  I’ve had to drive 30 miles round trip because you left Snoopy places.  I’ve welcomed him as part of the family.  It’s official, Snoopy is the third dog.

photo (2)

You love to hold him by his ears, his nose, his arms, his legs, his hood.  You love to give him loud kisses.  You love to hold him while you sleep, and are read to, and while you play.  He makes you laugh during long car trips.  He makes me crazy when you throw him on the floor of the car.  Right now, you are upstairs in your crib having a conversation with him, and I’m going to get you in a bit.

Snoopy literally goes everywhere.  You have to even bring him down the slide with you.

Picture 043

You look at pictures together.
 Picture 149
You play together all the time.

photo (3) 
It’s official.  Snoopy is here to stay.  The craziest part is that when he was younger, Justin was obsessed with Snoopy too (except he called Snoopy Ip.  That’s another story for another day).  Everything was Snoopy with him, and I have a feeling the same may happen for you.  Because truthfully, you also like other Snoopys.  You have another one that wears a tuxedo, and sometimes you carry them both around with you.

The only thing I do have to question is your sometimes cruel treatment of poor Snoopy.  I’ve found him in some odd positions.

Picture 061 Picture 117 photo (4)
(OK, the last one was all daddy).

Snoopy gets almost as much abuse as your real dogs do.  At least I know that it’s all done purely out of love!




Finger Painting

January 16, 2012

Dear Aaron,

I don’t know why we waited so long to finger paint with you.  I made finger paints awhile ago, but they kind of went bad (they had sugar in them), so that plan went out the window.  Then every time I wanted to strip you down to your diaper and let you paint there was a reason not to.  This past weekend, Auntie Rachel was in town so we headed to the store, got you some paint, stripped you down and had some fun!

Well, you definitely wasted no time at all getting your hands dirty.  We barely had time to put the plate of paint down before you were getting into it!

Picture 057

Picture 058

You weren’t so interested in painting on the paper exactly.  You were much more interested in painting your body (this seems familiar),  and playing with the piece of paper than you were in painting.

Picture 060 Picture 061 Picture 062 Picture 064

Well, we got a little bit of art done, and you had a fun time, which is the most important part!  When you decided you were done, you came straight for me with your messy hands.  I intercepted you with some kisses.

 Picture 067 Picture 068

We had a little snuggly and cleaned you right up.

Picture 070

Off you went.  A proud artist leaving his craft behind.
 Picture 072

Who knew I could like messy fun just as much of you do?  I hope we get some better pictures next time we finger paint, but I’m sure it will be just as much fun!



Lazy Boy

December 28, 2011

Dear Aaron,

Sometimes you have so much energy I hardly know how I manage to keep up with you.  Then you have your days-your lazy days.  Sometimes my dear you are so lazy and just want to be carried everywhere.  Sometimes you are so lazy that even holding your own thumb in your mouth requires help in the form of an extra hand and a place to prop up your elbow.

Picture 150 Picture 153

Now, thanks to Grandma and Grandpa’s Hanukkah gift, you are able to take your laziness to a whole new level.  They got you a little red wagon for you to use to pull things around in.  However, you had other ideas on ways you would like to see it used.

Picture 181

If we stop pushing and give you the handle, you push it right back.

Picture 176 
At least dragging you around is a surefire way to keep you entertained for a long time.

Picture 199

Though I don’t know how crazy my hardwood floors are about it!



Who Let The Dogs Out?

December 8, 2011

Dear Aaron,


I’m as much a fan as the Baha Men as the rest of them, but really…that is SO 1998.

As funny as I think this is, when I’m trying to get Rufio in the kitchen, Gracie in her crate, jackets on you and I and get us out the door, this is so not helpful.  Cute, but not helpful.

Yippie yi yo!




December 1, 2011

Dear Aaron,

Rock climbing is something many people in your family like to do.  So it should come as no surprise that you love to climb on anything and everything.  You like to climb up slides, over big toys and have attempted to climb up walls.  You also attempted to climb up the car (with Daddy’s encouragement).

Picture 014 
I think it goes without saying that you LOVE climbing up stairs.  Every chance you get, you sprint over to the stairs and beg to climb up.  I don’t give in every single time, but try to let you climb whenever possible.  It really makes things like running up the stairs to get your shoes take way longer than necessary.

Sometimes you get really upset if I don’t let you climb the stairs.  You stand up, hold onto the gate and shake it like an inmate.  You climb onto the bottom step and stand there, rattling the bars.

 Picture 067 Picture 071 Picture 072 Picture 076 Picture 077

Those pants are just a little long, aren’t they?  Oops.

People keep asking if I want you to start walking.  Based on how much you keep me on my toes now, I’m gonna say no.  No rush.  If you’re climbing like this as a crawler, I think it’s going to be insane once you begin to walk.



Mixed Messages

November 17, 2011

Dear Aaron,

The mind games continue with Gracie. 

Right after I went on and on about how you weren’t so into her, you shocked me by becoming mildly obsessed.  In fact, the morning after I posted that you weren’t really feeling Gracie, you went over to her cage and let her out (by the way, I was trying to get us both out of the door so I could work and you could go to the sitters).  Yeah, it was awesome.

Now the problem is, you don’t just want to be around Gracie.  No, you want to BE her.

Picture 015 
For some reason, despite having tons of toys, you would much rather play with her cage.  Opening and closing it, using it as a push toy.  Putting things in and taking them out.

This weekend, you really confused daddy and me, and Gracie too.  We were all in a hotel for the weekend (it was your cousin Gabby’s bat mitzvah!), and you thought it would be fun to imitate Gracie as much as possible.

Picture 022 Picture 023 Picture 025 Picture 027
Please my dear, tell me what is so exciting about Gracie’s crate?

Boy, I really hope she’s house trained soon.  It’s bad enough chasing you all over and keeping you away from any stairs you see.  Keeping you out of the dog crate?  I didn’t plan on that being a part of parenting.



He’s Just Not That Into You

November 6, 2011

Dear Aaron,

I’m not quite sure what’s going on between you and Gracie, but it seems like you guys are playing all sorts of mind games with one another.  She’s basically obsessed with you.  You try to play it really cool, and act like you aren’t into her.  You shove her away when she gets all up in your business, and ignore her when she won’t leave you alone.

Picture 424
I’ve suggested a few times that she might want to consider reading He’s Just Not That Into You.  Since she lacks opposable thumbs, I don’t think she’s going to be able to read it, and frankly the movie just wasn’t worth watching.  So I keep telling her that you aren’t into her, but she doesn’t get it.

For some reason though, you really like to mess with her head.  When she’s leaving you alone, you reach out and pet her all the time (even when she eats your toys.  You forgive faster than I do).  As soon as she’s in her crate, you go right over to it, stick your hands in and babble away to her.

Picture 103 Picture 101

Sometimes you two crawl around together like best buds.

Picture 039

I mean, you even dressed like her (well, like a gray dog) for Halloween.

Picture 044
I’m not so sure poor Gracie quite gets all of the mixed messages you are sending her way.  Do you like her or not?  Do you want to play or only on your own terms?  Poor thing is so confused!
 Picture 341 
You never made Rufio work so hard for your love and attention. 

Until whatever mind games you are playing are done, I’ll just have to keep reminding Gracie that you just aren’t that into her.  Maybe she’ll figure it out one day.

Figure it out soon, all right?